Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Towards a Prosperous Life

I covered the Assistance Day of the Power of Living Ministries Church. True to their mission of "educating, empowering, and equipping" the people into living lives that are prosperous and productive, they gave away resources, food, clothes and entertainment to the down-trodden.

It is hard to understand why there are poor people here in America, when every single opportunity is given to them--free public school, health care, housing/rental/food subsidy, and job-training and placement programs abound. But well, it is said that there are people here that have had bad luck or big debts,(that's the politically-correct term, versus medyo mga tamad ng konti) and need a leg-up. So they came to enjoy the Gospel Music and the sponsored goody-bags filled with potatoes, Frito Lays, See's Candy (!), school supplies, and health and dental certificates.

Here in the land of plenty, where God was effectively wiped out of their Constitution and their Pledge of Allegiance, where they cannot teach religion or morality in public schools, where people ask you cautiously whether you believe in God (Christ, even more controversial!) or not, before proceeding to have a conversation, it is refreshing to find a group devoted to sharing Christ's goodness and Word.

"Our greatest message is Love," said Pastor Christine Liddell. "That we love and support each other and reach out in love to everyone--regardless of where he came from or what he believes--because we want everyone to prosper and be in good health--as they prosper spiritually, too. It is not in God's plan that we suffer and be poor but that we should enjoy an abundant life."

The Power of Living Ministries conducts training towards employment and financial support to those in need.

"We have a parishioner that has found a job and recently purchased a home. We have had a homeless parishioner that is now a millionaire," said Liddell.

"Can you come to the Philippines?" I half-joked.


Senor Enrique said...

I am one who believe God never intended for any one to lead an impoverished life.

I have lived long enough in America to realize that poverty is indeed a mental disease. That many in New York alone foster a false sense of entitlement and thereby demand the government to provide for them.

But nonetheless, thank God for certain efforts and ministries that provide assistance for the truly needy.

minotte's notes said...

that's it! a false sense of entitlement--like everything is due them. minsan, sila pa ang galit and it's very rare that they are appreciative of what is extended to them.

thanks for dropping by, eric!

ps. i have a friend who's going home in oct. will send your book.

KJS said...

Sometimes I wish I could get ABC's "Extreme Home Make-Over" to go to my lola's house in Quezon City.

I enjoyed reading through a few of your entries.

Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.