Friday, August 11, 2006

a safe flight in a time of terrorists

my son spent 2 months in manila and aug.10 was his very anticipated return to SFO. i prayed hard for his safe trip back home and that the customs would not open his baggage up as he brought in some disney movies from quiapo for his baby sister. he was to take the shuttle service to take him back home. while waiting, i picked up my other kids, waited for my husband to come from work, went to the grocery to buy my son his favorite steak, and started cooking dinner.

my son called from the shuttle service, signalling that he was out of the airport. just then, on CNN, flashed a discovered plot of liquid bombs to be assembled in flights to the USA. right away, world-wide airport security clamped down on carry-on bags--restricting all shampoos, gels, perfumes, and all other liquids (even baby's milk for awhile!). they eventually allowed prescription meds, insulin, baby milk, breastmilk (!), and nothing else--no celfones or I-pods either as they may be used as detonators. the idea being seemingly benign liquids could be mixed into a liquid bomb by conspirators. 24 arrests were made in london, many of the suspects had pakistani links.

traffic in and out of SFO airport was horrendous and flight delays were expected as everyone opened up their carry-ons and tossed expensive perfume and make-up, water and soda bottles, into garbage bins.

i could only sigh in relief and get down on my knees in prayer that my son had a safe flight back into the US and was guided out of there just in the nick of time!

Check out CNN for updates on what has become of air travel in a time of terrorists.


kofranks said...

it is really difficult to predict what they will think of next. the situation isn't getting better and i fear it could get even worse. i'm glad maui made it back safely

Senor Enrique said...

Whew! So glad your son came back before the implementation of even stricter air travel security checks.

Was he able to bring in those DVDs from Quiapo??? hehehe. I have quite a collection myself (shhhh!).

BTW, many thanks for your offer to get me a copy of Freakanomics provided it's not much trouble for you. $24.00 is fine plus shipping costs. Please email me for all details at

Believe it or not, I had taken Oprah's online workshop and one of its positive result is my gaining the confidence to write; hence my blog :)

Again, many thanks!

eric aka senor enrique

minotte's notes said...

minotte, it is scary! am glad hindi na-hassle si maui on his way home. oh my, he even brought in pirated dvds! buti talaga his luggage wasn't checked ha! a friend i know who is due to leave for the US in 1-2 weeks is worried on how she will put moisturizer, wash her face, etc while on the plane. doesn't seem to be a good time to travel now. maprapraning lang ako.