Thursday, June 05, 2008

Planet Green

It is so exciting to realize that the our planet is shifting--in consciousness, that is. What used to be an excessive lifestyle is now old-fashioned. Measuring our carbon footprint has become a matter of responsibility and so modern. The smaller the impact we make on the earth in terms of waste and consumption, the smaller the footprint. Living simply is making a comeback and tilting the scales in terms of lifestyle.

And I say, yey!

The Discovery Channel has even devoted a whole new series to this emerging consciousness. Check out Planet Green--promoting a green lifestyle that respects our planet. From fashion and beauty tips that encourage less packaging waste to why we should wear garments made from organic cotton, green renovation, eco-friendly bars and restos-this channel is a refreshing venue for all those who wish to do something small and yet, make a difference.

I was so happy that our third-word practice of using a rag, instead of paper towels to wipe off spills, saves billions in landfill space.

With shows like Alter Eco, Stuff Happens, and Wasted, revel in all the information you need to live responsibly.

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