Friday, June 06, 2008

My E-Bike Dream

I have been obsessed with getting an electric bike lately. With the high gas prices, it is the best way to start disentangling myself from the fuel addiction. I wish to use the bike as a means of transport. But at this stage, I will need some help as I don't want to appear at work as a sweat ball. The e-bike will help me through the hills and back--a moderate work-out. It's like climbing an upward escalator, or walking on a walk-a-lator.

How wonderful if there were no cars, just e-bikes.

Well, here's a video of my e-bike dream come true. In my heaven, there will be e-bikes!

Watch it here.


Les Cooper said...

Very interesting post. I agree with you. E-bikes are a way to go. I have strongly contemplated using e-bikes. I am considering E+ as my primary candidate. It is quite unique and innovative. Atleast it looks like a bicycle and not a moped and it feels like a bicycle as well.

I have also considered electric bike kits. But they are noisy and unreliable. Plus, their installation is quite painful. Nobody honors their warranty. Bike shops are not knowledgeable enough and are pain to deal with not to mention the installation charges. Some of the other bikes such as Optibike etc appear high tech but are actually quite low tech. They have geared brushless motors like the Chinese bicycles. They have a dashboard with toggle switches and they look like mopeds. They are also quite expensive from $5000 to $12,000. The warranty cost on them could be quite painful as well. Plus I hear it is extremely jerky and noisy.

Looking at all these hassles I think E+ is perhaps a better choice. They seem to have good warranty and people who make them have been in e-bike business for several years. E+ is 750 to 1000W which is a whole lot more power than the 250W.


tilamsik said...

hi les, there are moderate prices from $400 and up. i'm afraid i can only afford the 250W.

my work radius is at most 8 miles so i think it will work for me.