Sunday, March 11, 2007

Winter Garden Crops

Though the heat wave damaged our summer crops in the backyard, take a look at our winter garden. We have leeks, sugar peas, spinach and beautiful lettuce--all organic, no fertilizers nor pesticides, just tender loving care and kitchen scrap compost. We watch out for slugs in the morning and we have been lucky. Our still sparse harvest has been quite sweet, nothing you can buy in the produce section in the supermarket. Sometimes, I eat it off the plant like the Manic Organic. He plants his own food and prepares it in a gourmet way that will make you envious. He prepared a basil-tomato salad, of course from his harvest. But to top that, he got local goat cheese made by his neighbor. Yum!

So far, we have enjoyed a fresh and crunchy salad, a spinach saute, leeks for pork teriyaki. We also the wilt the leeks in butter as a side dish. And who knew that ther flowers are edible and great in a salad? The sugar snap peas are sparse, I just eat them off fresh from the vine. That crunch is unforgettable!

Once you have grown and eaten your own food, it is hard to settle for supermarket food that travels many miles and passes through many hands before it gets to your table. It makes you wonder what the farms injected into those fruits and veggies before it got to your table, doesn't it?

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minotte's notes said...


yum, yum manic organic!!!

but i am way behind with my garden! too much weed!