Monday, March 19, 2007

Cheerful Giving

Children have a right to be normal and to feel normal, and celebrating a birthday is a normal part of childhood. Cheerful Givers birthday bags give children living in a very tumultuous time a chance to stop and focus on something positive.-- Reyne Branchaud-Linsk,Executive Director,Dakota Woodlands Shelter

Robin Maynard and her husband, Kevin, came to stack an home for disadvantaged children with 12 birthday bags. Nothing earth shaking. 12 birthday bags created with love in the basement of a house by a couple who wanted to make a difference. 12 birthday bags dropped off at Trinity Mission on a Sunday night. 12 birthday bags igniting a spark that would provide warmth for thousands.

Cheerful Givers has given out 166,000 goodie bags since 1994. Filled with crayons, candy, stuffed toys, and other goodies a child's heart desires, these bags have given out joy to so many children.

The nice thing is, you can set up your own Cheerful Givers event. Just take pictures and let Cheerful Givers know what you did so they can include include your event in their count. Check out ther activities and their blog here and find out how you can find your own inspiration.

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The new book "Do I Have A Birthday Too? The Cheerful Givers Story" is available for $8.95 at 50% of the proceeds go to Cheerful Givers.