Monday, November 12, 2007

Mountains of Candy

I love small ideas that snowball into something bigger than ever expected. This is solid proof of something way bigger than just us. This is a testament on how the Universe opens up doors and roads to get things done if we put our heart into it.

I saw it first-hand with the candy drive of Laurie Restani in partnership with Kids Helping Kids' director Laura Page. Laurie and Laura thought of donating Halloween left-over candy to the troops in Iraq to sweeten their Christmas care packages. She called out for left-over candy collection points in 5 schools in Discovery Bay, Byron, and Brentwood.

What happened next is the miracle. Kids gave so much candy, collection had to be made daily. Last November 9, they filled 2 cars and 1 van with candy and transported them for packing in Excelsior Middle School, where about 100 students and parent-volunteers were waiting to help out.

"I have never seen so much candy," said Laurie. They collected about 1000 pounds of candy.

Local business came out to help out with their generous candy and supply donations. Kids Helping Kids provided pizza and soda for the packing groups.

6270 bags of candy, along with homemade greeting cards with support messages for the troops, were packed and delivered to the Blue Star Moms of Danville, who will ship out the candy bags.

What an amazing opportunity to see divine forces at work. Everyone and everything just came together. How people just came out to help, how the kids seized this opportunity to make a difference, how the Blue Star Moms will take the next leg to ship the candy, how the troops' spirits will be lifted by these thoughtful tokens, how the whole project snowballed into a success bigger than anyone expected.

"I was expecting to collect only about 500 bags of candy," said Laura. "I am humbled and overwhelmed by the community support and generosity."

"It's amazing how my small idea to collect excess Halloween candy got so big. It all started when when I was helping Kids helping Kids pack back packs for children in Africa for Christmas. We had some leftover candy and Laura offered to donate it all to the Blue Star Moms when she heard about their care package program for Christmas. That's when the idea came to me. All the caring people helped make it happen. It was great to see what we could do when we all come together for a good cause." - Laurie Restani

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cathy_bythesea said...

what a wonderful idea this is! thanks for writing about it :)