Monday, September 17, 2007

Thoughts Become Things

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Have you read The Secret yet?

I have read it cover to cover last month and now, I am reading it again. Sometimes, I read a book many times, finding that every time I read it, I find something else.

The Secret taught me about the Law of Attraction--that you attract into your life what you think about, positively or negatively. If you think that you will never make it, you won't. If you think you will not become rich with the work you do, you won't.

So we writers say, "No one gets rich writing." Is it a shock that I am not rich now?

We should always think about the things we like to attract them like a magnet.

"Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones. . ."

I am examining my life. I reflect about everything I have right now and The Secret could be right.

When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher (done that), a stewardess (done that) and to have my own family (doing that). I wished with all my heart that I could have happy, healthy, loving children that I will prioritize over a career (done that). And so, though sometimes, being married and raising 5 of them is hard, I make decisions everyday to reinforce my dream family.

And I am having it now. I am grateful and on my knees that I have what is important to me right now, walang labis, kulang ng konti in the financial side.

At this point, I see myself retiring in Tagaytay. I knew that when it took me 3 years to pay for a small lot there. Where we will get the money to build, I don't know. But then again, I didn't know where the money came for the lot either. But the money came.

The Law of Attraction says that the money came because I thought of retiring there and worked towards it. The Universe opens the windows of opportunity for all of us to get what we want. Kinda like in the movie, the Matrix-- guiding Neo away from the agents. So when they say you are in the right place at the right time, the law is in action. The Universe shows you the way, gives you the resources, and the introduces you to the right people to guide you towards your path.

In our last day-off, my friend, N, and I discussed The Secret. We know that there is One Source that always was, always will be. And it makes sense that this Source is abundant and generous, that it shouldn't be a shame to ask.

And though we kinda know the theories behind the new mindset, living them out is another story.

We realize that there are many things to unlearn. For my part, I should unlearn to avoid richness and saying that I have money because somehow, when I was young, I learned that being too rich is bad, specially if you did not work hard for it. So when I had money, I hid it (still do).

I have to learn that money is good, specially if you could use it to share or serve. . .

I have to unlearn that being the best you can be is not being boastful or arrogant. You can do your best and still remain humble. I have to accept that I have the potential to make a lot of money and go for it.

Though I am very blessed, I find that it is quite difficult to unlearn the things I am afraid of. And these fears limit me.

Let me try to wish for a cruise for me and my kids. I didn't dare wish for it because other people might think it is frivolous. I want to learn who the "other people" are. They are the faceless critics I hear in my head--sometimes it's an aunt, sometimes a grandmother, sometimes a bad experience with a rich classmate in high school. I am also sure that if good and abundant things come to me, they will not feel bad. It is all in my head!

I also didn't dare wish for the cruise because it might come true. I realize that I was afraid of it. Until I heard the story of a family who went on a cruise and gained memories to last a lifetime.

What are your thoughts? Have they become things?


Anonymous said...

hi minotte:

saw the subject of your email and the book SECRETS came to my mind. I just finished reading the book while we were doing our tour last September and waht an impact it has made on me!!! I ve been such a negative person.. I realized that sometimes my sadness and worrying were actually wished by me!!! Isn't that funny?

Soon after reading it, I pledged to myself that I will only think good things, dream BIG all the time!!!! Ive been happy ever since..... really what a change! my bugnutin self has slowly left me ... thanks for sharing your blog. miss you.


Senor Enrique said...

"Thoughts manifest themselves."

How true it is!