Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Better Impessions of Manila

Lest many think that Manila is just about squatters, take a look at the better impressions I got. There are actually so many, I will start with one or two, as I have pressing deadlines for the paper.

I browsed Market!Market! at the boundary of Makati and Taguig. Don't forget to grab your many arts and crafts for souvenirs at their tiangge. Their mall area has all the local and international boutiques that you will like to explore.

What caught my eye and heart was the very special place for carts bearing different delicacies from around the Philippines. Dried mangoes and broas from Cebu, tawilis and salinas tuyo from Batangas, everything you can do with Pili Nuts from Bicol, pastillas from Bulacan, Peanut Brittle, Ube, and Strawberry Jam from Baguio, and every kakanin you can conceive of!

The dancing fountain is their respite for the hot summer (albeit typhoon) months.

Make sure you get your fill at Market! Market! next time you are in Manila.



Wendy said...

Minotte - great writing and i LOVE your pictures too!

Anonymous said...

i like the pics of market market. i was just there yesterday buying flowers. masarap ang mga kakanin. i almost bought a lot of kakanin there.

from dennis

Anonymous said...


I love the way you think...thoughtful, in depth and caring. Ricky is one lucky guy. Furthermore, you not only think at a higher level than most but you also back it up with actions. I'm lucky to have you as a friend.


minotte's notes said...

Wends, thanks for reading my "important stuff!" So great to see your comments.

Dennis, buy your many kakanins in Manila. Enjoy the rest of your stay there, ingat!

Van, thanks for your kindness always.

Take care everyone. . .