Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Articles

I thought I'd point you out to some of the more interesting articles of mine to date:

It was the first time I attended a poetry reading session. It was quite fun, inspiring, nurturing to any kind of artist. Check out Brentwood Open Mic Poetry Reading and find out why one can never be too old to write poetry.

The United States of America is actually as varied as the countries of the world. And why not? A melting pot of different cultures, immigrants comprise about 33 million of the population--and that was as of 2002.

It's no wonder that even in far out Antioch, CA, the community has become more diverse than ever. Farmlands have slowly but surely given way to new residential and commercial developments. Check out what Independence Day means to some of these immigrants as Diverse Community Celebrates Independence Day.

And of course, one of my favorites, Read To Dogs, where, because of strict regulations of photographing children only with written consent and release from parents, I had my own daughters pose for the picture. Taking them along was such a good decision. They had a great time as Selena, at 8 years, reads at a 6th Grade level, and Monica, at 3, is the cutest listener!

I was just thinking how I will not be able to write for a month as I will be in Manila, fixing some property legalities. And how it has been quite fun so far to be writing about the community and its people.

I have met so many of them, some I have gotten to know quite well. I realized that to write well, you must be genuinely interested in people and the commonalities amongst us. Many tell me I ask the right questions. I think it's more that I listen to them genuinely, they end up telling me more than they should!


Diana Joy said...

Have a safe trip!
I can just sit at your blog forever! I love all the different do you do that?
Hope to chat when you get back!
I will miss your posts :[
Diana Joy

Diana Joy said...

Hey Lady!
You have to join U-Tube to get the html for your blog and then you just insert it...
It is sooooooo fun! Give it a try :)
Get back with me if you're not having any luck?
Diana Joy