Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I have a clear picture of my retirement years. We will build a house in Tagaytay. I will tend to an organic vegetable garden and small crochet shop, selling yarns, patterns and hooks. I also dream to put up a small bakery. There I will train marginalized housewives of Cavite to make artisan bread and bagels to supply most of Tagaytay. And then, we will share the profits.

I found inspiration in an Oakland bakery called Arizmendi Coop Bakery.

I have been looking for bread recipes and I have found some. I just have no luck with churning out good bread. Twice na ako palpak.

Well, try and try again. . .


minotte's notes said...

(email from N)

Hi nottes,

pwede bang makishare sa retirement dream mo? baka wala akong ma contribute sa crocheting but i would also like to put up a bakery someday. maybe we can be partners. ang kelangan lang talaga natin is a nice roadside location na madaling matanaw at mapuntahan. at hindi mataas ang rent. i would love to make focacia and this white dusty bread na masarap sa panini. ofcourse, i am assuming na gusto mo ako maging partner.


minotte's notes said...

((emailed from Panini))

Hahaha! and cute nga ng pangalan ng bakeshop natin. pero sa palagay mo kung Paa Ni Nini ang name, may bibili? eh kung Panini at Palaman Co. or P.P.Co.? okay ba?