Sunday, June 18, 2006

can you fix it?

my daughter was playing with Leggo toys. she carefully built something piece by piece. when she finished she was so excited, she ran to show me her new masterpiece. but she lifted the toy up too fast and some parts of it came off and shattered to the floor.

she looked very worried. "can you fix it?" she asked.

i was busy, on a deadline. but then i went to her and we picked up the pieces, one by one. we put them together and restored her toy. she was smiling now, with a confidence that was infectious.

and then i realized, that my purpose may not be grand. rather, it can be the simplest thing--to help, to heal, to teach, to nurture--to make it a better place for someone else--and i must not miss even the smallest opportunities to make it so.


Evelyn A said...

Hi Minotte....I'm your Mom's transplant buddy and she told me to look up your blog. Amazing that with one try and not being able to remember your married last name (my senior moment) I just typed in Minotte's Blog and voila. Your Mom promsed to send me your "shorties" but I guess she has been too busy these days. This sure sounds like an email....sorry I'm not your regular blogger.

Just want to let you know I enjoyed everything you wrote so far. You're a good writer! I guess you've been told that many times. What mainly comes thru is the sincerity and simplicity of wonderful thoughts. Keep on.

Tita Evelyn A

minotte's notes said...

hi tita, thanks for your precious comments. hope your levels are good. take care!

PV Beley said...

Hi Minotte. PV here. Franco told me about your blog and this got me interested. Your insights are deep and inspiring. You ought to write a regular column in one of the major publications there. I told Franco that maybe you need to look for a literary agent. You know how it is in the US. Every creative person needs an agent. Regards to Ricky.

for what it's worth said...

Your purpose is divine. That simple gesture boosted her confidence, but moreover, it showed her that no matter how small or how large, when she needs you, you will be there.
Fixing lego might have been easy, but when she needs to fix a broken heart, she'll know where to turn.
Well done Supermom!